Simple Grated Beet and Carrot Slaw With a Touch of Tang

No, not that powered orange concoction – or am I dating myself?  

Before the big rains started on 8/4/18, I managed to put together a very simple yet surprisingly tasty slaw from the simplest of ingredients: beets from Kelly’s Farm, carrots and parsley from Flat’s Mentor Farm, and onion from Farmer Dave’s, plus a touch of olive oil and rice vinegar – that’s it!

There is no hard and fast recipe as to proportions, but I grated two medium sized beets and three small carrots ending with a proportion of perhaps 3:1 beets to carrots, then minced a half a medium sized onion, and chopped enough parsley to make 1-2 tablespoons. After mixing all that up, I added a tablespoon, give or take, of olive oil and a tsp or two of the rice vinegar – just enough to be noticed but not at all overpowering.  That’s it!  When you try making it at home, try adding different veggies (radish would be fun) and ramp up the seasonings if you choose, or just keep it simple – it works any which way.

Recipe and photos by Wendy Dennis