Eat Your Veggies! Just Add Farm Fresh Eggs

Justina Langone, Owner of The Remedy Exchange at 41 Tuttle Street in Wakefield MA was our guest chef on June 22. With the Market Kitchen Tent right next to Lilac Hedge Farm, which offers fresh eggs from pasture-raised chickens, it was a no-brainer: Veggie Omelette! Or, rather, for sake of sample-size servings, Veggie Scramble!

There is no hard and fast recipe for this: simply select the fresh veggies you like, slice, sauté, add any preferred seasoning, add some beaten eggs, and cook as desired. You really can’t go wrong. Especially with farm fresh veggies and eggs.

For veggies, Justina went with asparagus, tomato, zucchini, yellow carrot, and green onion, selected from Farmer Dave’s and Kelly’s Farm, sauteed in a bit of canola oil. While salt and pepper would certainly do just fine, she could not resist scouting about the market for something special to bring things up a notch. She found the perfect “secret ingredient” at one of our new vendors.

You may remember (and can find on this web site) the lovely recipes Suman Shah of Fork On A Road prepared at our Market Kitchen Tent last year. She is now one of our vendors, selling meal kits (just add fresh veggies from you farmers!) and also, wonderful spice blends. Justina opted for the Haldi, or freshly ground turmeric, a wise choice as it added just the right touch of flavor and a bit of fun color, as well.

Veeggies sautéed with turmeric

Again, you could use any seasoning, or just enjoy the fresh flavors with a bit of salt and pepper.

The samples!

This could also be a good recipe to use to get your kids cooking, and eating veggies, as well. Thank you, Justina!