Amaranth, the Green that is Red. A quick and easy sauté side

Just five ingredients!

We finally had a cool enough market day to use some heat in the cooking demo! I went with amaranth, a plant better known for its grains but that has really tasty greens as well. Although, the “greens” that our farmers at Flats Mentor Farm grow are more red. In fact, they look like they are a kind of coleus plant rather than an edible veggie.

While it can be used like any green, it really shines when sautéed due to its slightly sturdy texture and touch of umami in its flavor.

Here is what to use and how to do it:

Rinse, dry, and the prep amaranth by removing the leaves from the stems and tearing the leaves into largish pieces. Chop or mince (your choice) a few cloves of garlic, heat olive oil in a sauté pan and give the garlic a 15- 30 second start before adding the amaranth leaves. Then just cook, taking care to not have the heat so high that the garlic burns before the greens are done. It will take 5-7 minutes before the greens shrink and soften. Add salt and pepper if or as desired and remove from heat when done to your preferred texture and taste.

This shot was taken the same evening as the demo when I made the dish at home.

That’s it! And along with getting your amaranth from Flats Mentor Farm, be sure to pick up some fresh garlic from them or another of our farmers.

By the way, two boys (unrelated) just about to turn four years old LOVED this, and a five year old girl deemed it “delicious.” And our regular taster Eva Rose loved it, too. And so did my husband. So, I’d say its worth a try.